Welcome to Steepletown

Steepletown, located on the West Side of Grand Rapids, is transforming lives within the urban core communities of Grand Rapids and the surrounding region through education, workforce development, and community empowerment. This creates hope that is rooted in opportunity, which ultimately leads to a sense of well-being and economic security.

To purchase tickets or sponsor this year’s Golfing For Grads click here- https://steepletown.ejoinme.org/golfingforgrads


Community Empowerment implies that building strong communities is preferred to repairing broken lives, which is accomplished by providing access to resources and opportunities.

Education is a lifelong process that is supported early on through quality preschool programs, or that require options later in life such as the GED or literacy programs to give individuals the skills needed to be successful.

Workforce development identifies and values the contribution that each individual can offer in making our communities a better place for everyone.

Get Involved

Steepletown is able to accomplish much of its work because of the generous support of donors and the willingness of volunteers to give their time and talents. Please consider the various ways you can become a neighbor to so many in need of what you have to offer.