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Guest Bloggers – Past Participants

Jonathan W. – “The reason I want to accomplish getting my GED is because, for one, you need it to survive long term. And the second reason is to hope on bettering my future.”

Amber W. – “GED helped me with jobs, I am getting more opportunities just because of my GED. I am taking classes for CNA license and plan on getting my RN.”

Chase R. – “GED helped me get a better paying job. I am enrolled in GRCC studying degrees in Law enforcement (Criminal Justice). Would not have been possible if I would not have attended Steepletown.”

Jeff B – “It meant finally being able to go to college to get a Bachelor degree from Kendall for design.”

Evangelina G. – “Right now, I am enrolled in cosmetology school. I have plans on opening my own cosmetology shop.”

Uniqua S. – “It meant a lot, and got me over a lot of barriers. I started from jail, but I made it. Now, I want to accomplish more. Now, I want to work with my Youth Advocate to get help to figure out what classes to take at GRCC.”

Jaslynn F. – “Education is a big priority in my life so I felt I needed to complete my GED. I will be attending school for physical therapy in May in Charlotte, NC.”

Isaac B. – “I wanted to get my GED so I could get into college. I am currently in school studying computer programming.”

Eddie, 2009 GED graduate – “When I was a little kid I would always go to the Peace Club in the summer, and then I went on different trips with the Sierra Club. We went to Isle Royale, South Manitou Island, white-water rafting in Virginia, and other great trips. Then life happened, but at 19 I came back and finished my GED with Steepletown. This gave me what I needed for a better job- I am now the Shipping Supervisor at a local company.”

Jacob V. – “I’ve always wanted to serve my country, but needed some credentials before I was able to enlist. Steepletown helped me get me GED to I could make that possible.”

Jonathan M. – “It took me a while to get my GED, and Steepletown helped me stay focused and keep trying even when I wanted to give up. I’m working part time, and getting ready to start school at CC.”

Chewy – “I had a really hard time getting my GED. But I did it with Steepletown’s help. They pushed me and never gave up on me.”

Cody K. – “I was so focused on going to college to play rugby that I didn’t make a lot of effort to pass high school first. So Steepletown helped me finish my GED, and then really helped me look into Davenport. I’m happy to be coaching a rugby team now, and look forward to playing on a team again.”