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Guest Blogger – Kate

On October 13th five employees from Chemical Bank joined Steepletown as part of their annual Community Cares Day.  The day began with a powerful message from the President of Chemical Bank who spoke on the bank’s core value of community immersion.   As he stated, service is ingrained within the culture of the bank and its employees.   Steepletown would offer a resounding “AMEN!” to this message, as I continue to be amazed and grateful for the willingness of our local Chemical Bank friends to get involved in the efforts of Steepletown.  This year Kathy, Dave, Christine, Cynthia and Sofia helped out over at Steepletown’s Preschool.  In the morning they hung-out in the two classrooms, reading to the kids, assisting during “play-time”, and generally finding that the kids have far more energy then them (accept for perhaps Kathy!).   In the afternoon they put together the storage cubbies in which the children place their items during the day.   A BIG thanks to our friends at Chemical Bank.

Employees from Chemical Bank helping out at Preschool