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Guest Blogger: Erika Purcell-Williams


Imagine months and months of Play-Doh being stuck in your fingernails, wiping up milk spills from the floor, cleaning toothpaste off of bathroom mirrors, finding crayons in odd places, and listening to high-pitched squeals at sunrise. Seems like a large order, right? Now imagine seeing the faces of children light up because they see you each morning, listening to belly-busting laughter, watching a child take pride in learning how to write their own name, and the innumerable hugs you receive throughout the day. When you have those type of experiences, all that cleaning and searching doesn’t seem so demanding.


Steepletown Preschool is preparing to hold their annual Graduation ceremony on Thursday, May 28,  starting at 6:30pm in the Basilica Center. On this day, staff, family members, and supporters take some time to reflect over the 2014-2015 school year, celebrating the growth and development of our students. While this year has truly been a learning experience for all involved, we take joy knowing that our students are on the right path to success. As we get to watch them walk down the aisle in their caps and gowns, we get to rejoice in their success, knowing that in the next few years, our students will be ready to participate in much larger graduation ceremonies and celebrations. Some of our students will not be returning to Steepletown Preschool next year, as they will begin kindergarten. While we certainly will miss seeing our students, we take pride knowing that our students are fully prepared for the rigors and expectations of school. Our students will not only have the skills needed to succeed, but they will also have the confidence required to shine within their classrooms.


As we take these final weeks to prepare for the end of the school year, staff members will probably take extra time to work and play with our students. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear even more stories from staff members about students playing games and having more fun than usual in class. Graduation reminds us all that we only have a small amount of time to make as big of an impact as possible on these children’s lives, and it has been a true joy for Steepletown to have the opportunity to work with our students and their families in such a close capacity.


It may seem as if we’re making a really big deal out of a preschool program, but the reality is that this event marks the starting point on their path to academic success. It may seem like the students are simply playing around and having fun, but you never know. The same child that played “Doctor” in the Imagination Station today may grow up to be the very surgeon that performs an intricate procedure on you tomorrow….


2015 Preschool Graduation Invite