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Guest blogger, Kate


Did you know that lost time in the classroom in Preschool creates poor attendance habits in Kindergarten and 1st grade?

Did you also know that low attendance in Preschool will make it more difficult for students to learn important reading and math skills in Kindergarten and 1st grade?

At Steepletown Preschool we are striving for outstanding attendance for all of our students by missing no more than 12 days of school for the 2015-2016 school year. Steepletown Preschool has made it a priority to focus on attendance by creating an attendance challenge for each classroom. Students who have perfect attendance get their names put in a drawing for a weekly and monthly prize.

Our hard work has paid off! 15/16 students in the Lilac Room have 90% or higher attendance from September- February.  This is the highest attendance rate of any of our Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative (ELNC) Preschool sites, with a total of 14 classrooms.  To celebrate, the ELNC was given tickets to the Van Andel Arena a few weeks back to watch them setup and dump loads of dirt for the Monster Truck Rally.   ELNC provided transportation and gave the tickets to the Lilac Room for their great attendance. One Adult and one student in the Lilac Room was also given a ticket to watch the Monster Truck Rally on that Friday night. Thank you ELNC for the opportunity to celebrate the hard work that the Steepletown Preschool Staff and families have been doing to make sure each child arrives to school every day.

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