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With the start of a new program year on July 1, we are able to reflect on the accomplishments of our amazing, driven students within the Steepletown GED program. This year, we welcomed 77 new students into the GED program and celebrated as 5 students achieved their goals and received their GED.


Highlights of our 2015-16 Program Year include:

  • 93 practice tests taken
  • 56 official tests taken (including 5 retake tests)
  • 45 passed tests
  • Our students achieved an 80% passing rate on the official tests
  • 5 students earned their General Education Diplomas


Since January 2014, our students have scored higher on their practice tests than required for the minimum passing score on the official test. Staff and volunteers work to create an individual learning plan and provide one-on-one support for each student.”We have seen students along the entire spectrum of learning and motivation. We are excited for each as they accomplish their goals, and are here to help them along the way, no matter the time required,” said Melanie Grandy, Education Coordinator.


This year, one of our GED graduates participated in a work experience at our preschool and went on to receive Certified Nurse Aid (CNA) training. She is actively working towards her goal of becoming a Registered Nurse (RN). After earning her GED, another student is pursuing training as a certified phlebotomist. Our students have not only achieved their educational goals, but created better economic and workforce opportunities for their futures.



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