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When the Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative (ELNC) first came together in 2010, data showed many communities in the urban core lacked quality early childhood education, with the Steepletown neighborhood being one of those. According to the 2016 KIDS COUNT Data Book from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Michigan dropped to 40th in the nation for children’s education, as more than half of young children are not in preschool.

Steepletown Preschool makes a huge difference in the lives of so many as they begin their educational journey. Every day, we see children entering our preschool and developing educational, social and physical skills that set them up for future success!

Highlights of our 2015-16 Program Year include:

  • 60 of the 64 children who started in September finished in May, which is a 94% retention rate.  For a program serving primarily inner-city families, this number is off the charts!  Three of the open four seats were quickly filled by January, ending the year with 63 children moving onto four-year-old preschool or Kindergarten. Steepletown ended the year graduating 31 three year olds and 32 four year olds.
  • Our classroom had the highest attendance rate from September through February of all 14 ELNC classrooms. 15 of the 16 Steepletown students had better than 90% attendance! As a sweet reward for their high attendance, one of the four-year-old classrooms won tickets to the Monster Truck Rally in March.
  • Steepletown students meet and exceed expectations in Cognitive, Literacy, Math, Physical and Social Emotional Skills. Using the TS Gold assessment, children are evaluated three times during the year in their Cognitive, Literacy, Math, Physical, and Social Emotional skills.  Steepletown’s 32 four-year-old students, which are included in the ELNC data (see graph below), started the year off significantly lower than the average KISD student, but caught up by the end of the year;  this is exceptional work!
  • Steepletown’s Preschool Program Quality Assessment (PQA) score in the spring was the highest of the five ELNC partner sites, with a score of 4.56.  While the State of Michigan’s final PQA scores will be released this fall, Steepletown self-assessed at a 5.  If this holds, Steepletown would be only the 4th site of over 130 preschool sites in Kent County to earn this distinction.


2015-16 Preschool Chart Data

Using the TS Gold assessment, children are evaluated three times during the year. This graph shows the progress of Steepletown’s 32 four-year-old studentsin comparison to the average KISD student. They not only met KISD averages, but exceeded them in multiple categories!