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 “To infinity and beyond!

For many of our students earning the GED is like attaining something that seemed unreachable!  And yes, it can also seem like an infinite process because of the level of time and commitment involved.  And yet it is what lies beyond infinity that propels these students to continue to strive towards achieving this goal!

  • For Nakeisha, beyond infinity is completing a CNA course and applying for a Medical Assistant Apprenticeship. These are critical steps in her journey to becoming a pediatric RN.
  • For Mychal, beyond infinity is studying at the GRCC M-TECH Center to become an electrician, the first step in his plan to earn an income that would support him through more school to become a coach for kids with tough lives.
  • For Alexis, beyond infinity is working full time at Spectrum Health. She is getting her foot in the door – so she can eventually move to the Phlebotomy Department and have her training paid for.
  • For Adolph, beyond infinity is studying at GRCC for an associates in Applied Arts & Sciences to stack along with his HVAC credential.
  • For Lucia, beyond infinity is providing childcare for the Family Literacy Center programming in two schools, with a plan to begin studying towards a Child Development Associates certificate to work with 3 -5 year olds early next year.
  • For Selina, beyond infinity is just completing her CNA course and applying to local hospitals. She also hopes to continue studying and earn an RN degree.
  • For Ezequiel, beyond infinity is enrolling into the Mechanical Design Degree program at GRCC to pursue his dream of developing eco-friendly alternative fuel options for motorized vehicles.
  • For Alayn, beyond infinity is enrolling into GRCC for general education classes, allowing himself the time to hone in on his strengths and work towards a career he loves, all while being a great dad to his newborn daughter.

These students are equipped with the confidence, discernment, and support to look beyond what was once considered unreachable. And we are eager to see what is then beyond ‘beyond’!

To Infinity and Beyond