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The Grass is GREENer on the Other Side…Steepletown Welcomes Harry Green!


It was just over a year ago that Harry was assigned to Steepletown as a Senior Volunteer/Traveling Grandpa through the Gerontology Network.  The purpose of that program is to connect the talents of seniors with area schools or with seniors living in their homes who need the support of a companion.  Steepletown’s assignment was a bit out of the ordinary but was more suitable to his interests in working with young adults who are trying to improve their lives.  Harry’s official assignment is to work with students in Steepletown’s GED Program, but he has expanded that to include other young adults who participate in Steepletown’s workforce development initiatives.

Harry retired in 2010 as an alcohol and drug counselor after 12 years with Reality Counseling Services here in Grand Rapids.  Harry readily admits to being in recovery for 34 years, which he credits for giving him the knowledge and foundation for his work which he refers to as Life Sketchers.

Life Sketchers is designed to help individuals who devalue themselves and feel they don’t have the ability to make positive decisions in their lives.  It helps them to rethink who they are as individuals and to make better choices for their lives.  Through weekly sessions the goal is for the individual to honestly confront the barriers that are holding them back.  Emilio Zamarripa, Steepletown’s Youth Development Director, share these thoughts: “Harry has been an amazing part of our team. His facilitation of the 12 Step Model of Recovery is an excellent extension of support for our youth, and also consistent with the empowerment curriculum that we have built into our case management.”   To learn more about Life Sketchers, visit Steepletown’s website or contact Harry at (616) 451-4215, ext. 106.

Welcome Harry Green