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Guest Blogger:  Nathan Beals, JobStart Coordinator


A young man that I met with today sat down across from me slouched in his seat, with his face downcast and said, “I’m tired”. He had just recently found himself homeless after a relationship went bad and was staying downtown. Just the other night he got jumped for the two dollars and four bus passes he had in his pocket. He was tired of the struggle. He was tired of people not having his back. He said he had thought about ending his life but what would he have to show for the life he lived.

This young man grew up in Detroit and moved to Grand Rapids with his family but in his time of need, he felt completely alone. He was tired of the picture that people had painted of him of being irresponsible and careless and then he got a smirk on his face and said, “I am going to destroy the image they’ve built of me”. “All I need is one win.” he said, “And then there’ll be another win and another win and another win”.

We talked through the opportunities that we had at Steepletown with JobStart and the GED program and he knew was meant to be here. I knew he was too. This young man has everything inside of him to be successful and have stability. I am thankful he chose to walk through our doors to find support and guidance.

As he left he said, “I will make it.” and I truly believe he will. This young man will overcome these barriers and the work he is doing now will help prepare him for a brighter future. A future where he won’t always have to struggle, a future where his reputation is good and even more important he feels good about himself and, a future where he can provide for his needs and his family.

In this season of thanksgiving will you take a moment to thank God for these young men and the work that Steepletown is doing to help them get ahead.