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Guest Blogger:  Jane Wolterstorff – Steepletown Youth Advocate


Here at Steepletown we often post momentous milestone moments as we celebrate with our students. However, these moments fail to capture the scope of time and effort of all the moments in between. So here is Elizabeth’s story; A story that spans three years:

I was a 16 year old who just had given birth. I dropped out of school to take care of my child, working part time cleaning hotels to support us. At this time, I didn’t have a driver’s license or a car. Was I happy? “Mmm yeah sure, could’ve been better though”.

September 2014
I went to Steepletown and started to work on my GED.

April 2015
I had passed 3 out of 4 GED tests. I had one test left: Mathematics.
I was starting to believe I would actually have a graduation.

Summer 2015
I had my little girl baptized! This was an exciting time for me and having
Ms. Jane, my Steepletown Youth Advocate, attend made it really special.
I also started a paid-work experience arranged through Steepletown at the YMCA’s KidZone.
I wanted to see how well I liked Early Childhood Development and discovered that I loved it!
The day after my paid-work experience was complete the YMCA hired me as staff.

Fall and Winter 2015
A difficult time for my family took up most of my physical and emotional energy and my GED took a backseat for a while

March 2016
I was 18. I got my driver’s license. Not having to take the bus saved me hours every day in getting my little girl to and from the Steepletown’s preschool and getting me to and from work.

September 2016
Steepletown connected me to a job at the United Methodist Community House to work as a preschool teacher’s aide and I also started classes for a Child Development Associate (CDA) Certificate

November 2016
I passed my GED math test. I completed my GED!

December 2016
I am 19 years old with one child (and it’s going to stay that way). I now have a 2005 Dodge Durango. I continue to work as an assistant teacher at a preschool. I have completed my GED. I am half way through the CDA program. Am I happy? “ Al Millón so happy with life right now.”