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The Christmas decorations are already coming down and many are remembering the Holidays as a thing of the past, especially now that they are back to the daily grind of work.   And yet he Christmas Season is still celebrated for one more day.  Today as we celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany, the visit of the three kings or magi, the twelfth day of Christmas!   Three wisemen- Dominic (6), Colton (4) and Gavin (3) – who are three of my grandsons, visited last week for a couple days.  We spent many hours at the Children’s Museum, found some snow on a hill for sledding, took afternoon naps after reading several children’s stories, and generally just enjoyed hanging out.  Their presence over those two days was definitely the best present I received for Christmas!

Steepletown’s gift to the community is being present to those who wander through our doors.

Presence….last week a young man who participated in our Peace Club nearly 20 years ago as a kid and later became one of its youth leaders stopped by to say hello and to get some input on how to start a charity.

Presence…another young man stopped by who completed his GED at Steepletown a few year ago and now wants to begin an apprenticeship.

Presence….a great Aunt who years ago was part of the Woman’s Support group at Steepletown stopped by looking for bunkbeds and gifts for her nieces for whom she now has custody.

These daily encounters are a simple epiphany, a revelation of how God’s presence is still made known.  Simple presence that offers support and guidance…this is a present we can give every day.  Please consider how you can continue to share your support, your presents of a monetary gift to be part of the presence of Steepletown.