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Guest Blogger:  Jane W., Youth Advocate

At Steepletown, earning a GED is only a step to what comes next for Kayla Carter.   When Education Coordinator, Melanie Grandy found out that Kayla had never attended a live musical, she reached out to Civic Theater’s Autumn Hubbard.  Hubbard, a former Steepletown employee found ticket donors making it possible for Kayla and a friend to attend Hairspray, Jr.

The generous donation of tickets has encouraged and inspired Kayla toward her goal.


“To be able to see Hairspray Jr. live as not only an amazing opportunity, but a great source of new inspiration for me  I’ve always had a strong love for musicals, but was never fortunate enough to experience one live…

Since I was very young, Music and the Arts have always been a passion of mine.  Seeing this musical only makes this passion burn stronger, brighter and helped me clarify my vision…

Maybe one day I’ll be on the Civic Theatre stage, or better yet, Broadway!”