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As we pulled up to one of our Senior client’s homes today, an older homeowner was on the top stoop of his steps shoveling.  After a quick introduction he expressed his gratitude for our arrival, as the temperatures were single digits and the snow was fairly deep.  He also shared with us that he has a pacemaker, and that he should not be outside in this weather.

And there it was- the ideal metaphor for a New Year’s Resolution.   After-all, isn’t our resolutions meant to help control the pace of our lives, to help consistently maintain our priorities so that our lives become more meaningful and purposeful, rather than filled with actions that are often fatal.

JobStart is a pacemaker for the young men who participate in this employment training initiative of Steepletown.  As we drove away from that house, one of the young men who was with me questioned what a pacemaker does although he had heard of them.   It was his insight that helped me make the connection….that the pace in our lives can become abnormal based on any number of factors, and that this pace can be fatal.  Perhaps not physically but certainly spiritually!  And so for these young men in JobStart, learning to integrate and normalize work as part of one’s daily priorities is an excellent pacemaker.

Many of us today are thinking about our daily choices and behaviors, looking to make those necessary changes to a life that is out of rhythm with our priorities.   New Year’s Resolutions- pacemakers for our souls!  And if you would rather hire the guys of Steepletown’s JobStart initiative to shovel your snow this winter or do your lawncare this upcoming summer, give Steepletown a call.