Pam – One in A Hundred

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Last month I was given a front row seat for a very short performance by one of Steepletown’s newest employees-in-training.  Pam Arrington, who is an AARP senior employment trainee, practiced the 90 second pitch on her business idea that she was giving that evening for the one hundred ideas initiative of Start Garden.  Pam brought… Read more »

From Two to Ninety-Two

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From Two to Ninety-Two Last week Steepletown was further introduced to both ends of the age spectrum. On Monday, March 5th, the Steepletown Preschool opened its Early HeadStart classroom for two year-olds. The reason for opening this classroom is that it offers one more resource for the many young parents who are in Steepletown’s GED… Read more »

Congratulations Tommy Fitzgerald

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Tommy FitzGerald is found of telling the story of growing up in a neighborhood that afforded him many opportunities, earning both money and the confidence that he could accomplish anything.  It was in this spirit that Chef Tommy started Kitchen Sage, to provide opportunities for misconnected young adults in the community to grow their sense… Read more »

Karen Chaffee – Chef Educator of the Year

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When it comes to cooking, Chef Karen Chaffee falls in line with that rich heritage of grandmothers and mothers in the kitchen passing on their time-honored skills.  In Karen’s case, her family has been the Steepletown neighborhood, and more specifically the students in Steepletown’s Kitchen Sage culinary training. Karen was out walking her dog a… Read more »

Steepletown: Equity, Inclusion & Diversity

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Steepletown has been working on further developing its policies and practices as an organization to be more inclusive, diverse, and racially equitable.  Steepletown contracted with the Partners for a Racism-Free Community earlier this year and have been guided through its assessments and coaching.  Specifically there are six standards or areas that are assessed using what… Read more »

(Help) Career-Minded Individuals Wanted!

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  Steepletown through a workforce development initiative called JobStart is introducing some amazing talent to local employers who are eagerly in need of filling job openings!  JobStart is not a job… It is first and foremost a work experience that offers the space in which to further develop and practice the skills, behaviors, and thinking… Read more »

Camp Kitchen Sage Replaces the Bonfire with a Stove

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For those of you who know Chef Tommy FitzGerald, you would expect some type of knock-off from the 80’s era of film-making.  Camp Kitchen Sage though is relevant, timely and has proven to be an effective program for training older youth and young adults in basic employability skills.  And of course, like any summer camp,… Read more »

Building on Lives & Memories

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Dick Bulkowski, Executive Director We build on the lives and memories of those who have gone before us.  That could not be more true than what has been experienced today here at Steepletown.  On the foundations of what was once a neighborhood playground a new KaBOOM! Playspace has been built.  In digging the footings for… Read more »