Education is the roadmap to success, but for far too many this journey is riddled with obstacles.  Just a couple years ago the GR Press reported that 83% of children starting Kindergarten from the urban core communities were not ready to learn; compare that to the 85% of Steepletown’s preschool children who last year were assessed as Kindergarten ready.   Further down this journey are those who have dropped out of school, as graduation rates still indicate that only about half of those entering 9th grade are finishing school four years later.  Earning this academic credential by completing the GED means a lifetime of higher earnings and access to many more careers.  And there are those adults coming from Latin American countries for whom finishing their education was not an option.  The Plaza Comunitaria offers the educational resources for these individuals to increase their academic and literacy skills.  The added value is that it models to their children the need and value of reaching their educational goals- the impact on their children is profound.


GED Preparation

Young adults who have dropped out of school have the opportunity to complete their GED with the assistance of Steepletown’s Education Coordinator and Education Volunteers.  The lifetime earnings of a high school dropout are estimated to be $400,000 less than those of a high school graduate.

Kitchen Sage

a proprietary school unit, licensed with the State of Michigan, Kitchen Sage offersThe Culinary Leadership Academy; a workforce development training leading to a nationally recognized credential in the food service industry, i.e. ServSafe Manager Certification.



A fully licensed, full-day preschool program that operates from early September through early June.  The preschool is funded through the Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) and therefore meets all of the state requirements for a GSRP site.


 Nakeisha’s Story