Steepletown is one of West MI Works! Workforce Development Partner Agencies that offer WIOA Youth Services.  WIOA presents an extraordinary opportunity to improve job and career options for our nation’s workers and jobseekers through an integrated, job-driven public workforce system that links diverse talent to businesses.

Steepletown is a part of the nationwide WIOA system of one-stop centers, which directly provide an array of employment services and connect customers to work-related training and education. The following 14 program elements are provided to eligible participants at Steepletown:

  1. Tutoring, study skills training, and instruction leading to secondary school completion, including dropout prevention strategies
  2. Alternative secondary school offerings or dropout recovery services
  3. Paid and unpaid work experiences with an academic and occupational education component
  4. Occupational skill training, with a focus on recognized postsecondary credentials and in-demand occupations
  5. Leadership development activities (e.g., community service, peer-centered activities)
  6. Supportive services
  7. Adult mentoring
  8. Follow-up services for at least 12 months after program completion
  9. Comprehensive guidance and counseling, including drug and alcohol abuse counseling
  10. Integrated education and training for a specific occupation or cluster
  11. Financial literacy education
  12. Entrepreneurial skills training
  13. Services that provide labor market information about in-demand industry sectors and occupations
  14. Postsecondary preparation and transition activities
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