Another Successful Preschool Year!

The 2019-2020 school year at the Steepletown Preschool started out like any other.  In the fall we danced and sang the night away at our preschool Fall Dance, the four year old classroom parents competed against the two and three year old classroom parents in our annual parent/staff basketball game (and won!), and we celebrated March […]

The Meaning of Christmas

Sue Krestakos was one of Steepletown’s first mentors when Steepletown began pairing members of one of the three original Steepletown Parishes with neighborhood households facing financial struggles.  After Sue worked with a couple young mothers, she was then introduced to Lisa Glatz.  At that time Lisa was a single mother who was unemployed, homeless, and […]

Positive Cycles

In 2018, Maximiliano completed his GED with Steepletown and enrolled in a paid work experience/internship. After connecting with his Career Coach and evaluating career interests, Maximiliano was introduced to Adnoris ‘Bo’ Torres, Fatherhood Coordinator for the Strong Beginnings/Family Futures initiative. Max interned in the capacity of a Community Health Worker. Bo provided him with frequent […]