Mission Statement & Values

“If You Give A Person A Fish, You Feed Them For A Day. If You Teach A Person To Fish, You Feed Them For A Lifetime”

Mission Statement & Values

This ancient Chinese saying still rings true, but what happens when people lack the tools, equal opportunity, and ability to catch the proverbial fish? What about the tasks of cleaning and preparing the fish to eat?


Promote the idea of neighbors helping neighbors live with dignity and hope.

In the 25 years since, Steepletown has grown from modest beginnings with a part-time director, to sixteen full-time and ten part-time staff members. Although their operation has expanded, the strategy remains the same: create a network of opportunities for those living on the West Side and surrounding communities.

Steepletown can “teach a person to fish”, but it takes the collaboration of community partnerships to help the learned fishermen gain access to the water, boat, and tools needed.

Let’s get started! 

Welcome to your neighborhood - Join us in building it better.

Get Training

There are many career training opportunities that exist in Kent County for young adults. Steepletown will assist you in identifying the best path & resources to build a successful career.

Get Help

Help is available to out-of-school young adults who need to complete high school. In addition, help is available to older adults who need a hand around the house.

Get Involved

Would you like to support Steepletown's mission & work? Join us to create impact in our community.

Stories of Impact

Stories of Impact

2023  Alumni Excellence Award Winner

Preston was introduced to Steepletown shortly after he became a resident of Covenant House Grand Rapids, a transitional living center for young adults. At that