Employment Opportunities

Non-Profit is the best place to be to directly support members of our community, and Steepletown is always working to better the lives of young adults and parents. Steepletown occasionally hires throughout the year for various positions, Full-Time and Part-Time. Any positions that are not filled will be on our site; if you don’t see it online, then the position has been filled.

You can find out about our employment opportunities by visiting our Employment Page.


Getting involved with Steepletown Neighborhood Services is a great way to give back to the community and offer a helping hand. As a non-profit like Steepletown, our needs for volunteers and sponsors never run dry; whether that be for our programs such as GED Prep and our Preschool, or an up coming event like our annual Taste the West Side and Golfing for Grads.

You can find out about our volunteer opportunities by visiting our Volunteer Page.


Another way to get involved with Steepletown is to not only open your heart but your checkbook. Any donations received go directly to improving our programs and our facilities, and help us lengthen our reach within the Greater Grand Rapids community. You can make a one-time donation or alternatively, a subscription-based donation.