Lawn Care & Snow Removal

Lawn care service available for Seniors who are 60 years of age and older so that they can continue to live independently in the community.  Services include:

  • grass cutting
  • trimming overhanging tree branches
  • edging
  • line-trimming
  • leaf/yard waste cleanup

Snow removal service is also available to assure safe access to and from the home during the winter months.

This service is supported by Kent County Senior Millage funding; Seniors are responsible for paying a cost-share amount based on household income.  For a household of one making less than or equal to $24,280 on an annual basis the cost-share is $0; for a household of two it is $32,920.

Other home chore services that can be contracted under Senior Millage funding include:

  • replacing fuses, light bulbs, electric plugs, frayed cords
  • replacing door locks, window latches
  • replacing faucet washers or faucets
  • installing smoke detectors & carbon monoxide detectors
  • installing screens and storm windows
  • caulking windows
  • installing window shades, curtain rods and blinds
  • securing carpets and rugs
  • cleaning attics, basements and garages to remove fire and health hazards

Contact the Community Assistance Program in our Front Office, or email