Is JobStart for you?

JobStart is employment training for 18 – 24-year-old men of color who have circumstances that are challenging them, and sometimes preventing them, from getting and keeping a job.  In JobStart you will find a community that walks alongside you as you gain confidence and grow in your ability to support yourself and your family. JobStart will help you identify the thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and habits that are often the cause of behaviors that can slow your progress in the workplace and prevent you from being successful on the job. You will gain skills to help you make critical choices that will get you ahead in your career and in life.

As a participant in JobStart, you will get paid above the hourly minimum wage to practice employment skills and gain a professional work experience in our in-house Job Labs.  You will also be under the guidance of our instructors who value you and will help you to develop skills in an encouraging environment. We want you to know that we recognize it takes time to develop skills and when mistakes happen you will be given opportunities to grow and will continue to be accepted.  It is our belief that once you enter the JobStart community you will always have a place here.

JobStart participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Earn $10/hour
  • Grow confidence in your ability to succeed
  • Gain professional work experience
  • Learn and practice skills employers expect – Bring Your ‘A’ Game
  • Become more marketable to employers
  • Excel in the workplace
  • Learn how to manage and care for yourself
  • Find a high demand career
  • Become certified in a skill or career-specific field
  • Create networks of professionals, peers and community members
  • Gain exposure to new opportunities
  • Give back to your community

How are we helping these men?  Read the following Blogs: “I’m Tired”, and “We All Have Dreams”

If you’re interested in JobStart or know of someone who might be interested, please complete the fields below, and the JobStart Coordinator will contact you soon.