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Steepletown’s committed crew come from all walks of life and expertise, with the sole purpose of making a difference in yours. 

Executive Director
Dick relocated to the West Side of Grand Rapids in the early 90’s to invest his time and energies in the community where he was born and raised. Dick was part of the core team that launched Steepletown in 1993 when three neighboring Catholic Churches came together to address neighborhood issues & needs. Dick has his MA in Theology from the Oblate School of Theology which has a strong emphasis on community development.
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Emilio started at Steepletown nine years ago as a GVSU undergraduate intern, was hired as a youth case manager, and is now the Workforce Development Director. His personal mission is to empower youth and young adults to pursue their academic and professional goals. Emilio puts his passion into practice through advocacy, community engagement, and education.
JobStart Coordinator
Korey Anderson has over 15 years experience in Workforce Development and is a certified GCDF (Global Career Development Facilitator) as well as a certified Business Solutions Professional (BSP) with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit field. Skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Career Development, Job Coaching, and Conflict Resolution.
Apprentice Career Coach
Teresa first joined Steepletown in January 2019 through an internship from Ferris State University- Big Rapids. Motivated by the good work she was doing to build the Early Childhood Educator Apprenticeship Training, Teresa stayed on as its Career Coach, working alongside each new group of apprentices. Since then Teresa has earned her Master’s in Social Work and works to bring to Steepletown a participant-centered approach that is mindful of partner and community connections.
Acting Director of Kitchen Sage
Chef Karen Chaffee has worked the bulk of her career in restaurants and fine dining, overseeing operations at Senior living communities, and also working as a personal Chef & consultant.In 2017, she earned the Culinary Educator of the Year Award for greater Grand Rapids. She currently serves on the Academic Advisory Board for the Culinary Institute of Michigan & formerly as the Diversity Chair for the American Culinary Federation.When Chef Karen isn’t in the kitchen she enjoys gardening, the outdoors & bee keeping.
Karen Chaffee-SQUARE
Adminstrative Services Manager
Apprenticeship Career Coach
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