Steepletown Neighborhood Services


Volunteer Opportunities

There are plenty of ways you can offer a helping hand at Steepletown. Check some out!

Taste the Westside Fundraising Committee Member
Steepletown’s major fundraiser is Taste the West Side. Volunteers are needed to serve on a working committee:  Taste the West Side takes place in March. This committee convenes for six months prior to the event.
General Board
As stated in the bylaws, board members are responsible for the following: 1. Be legally responsible for the business and management of the agency. 2. Maintain the continuity and the identity of the agency in the neighborhood and larger community. 3. Determine, periodically review, and revise the broad policies which guide the work of the agency. 4. Provide fiduciary oversight, such as approving annual budgets and reviewing quarterly financial statements and annual audits. 5. Do long-term planning to address itself to neighborhood needs and review the program of direct services and social action in the light of changing needs.
Preschool Meal Delivery
Steepletown’s Kitchen Sage training provides meals to six different preschool sites which serves over 200 children daily, Monday-Friday, throughout the school year and to three different sites during the summer months. Volunteers are needed to drive one of the transit delivery vans. Each route takes about an hour. Delivery times are at 7:00a.m. and at 10:15a.m. Volunteer for one or more shifts as your schedule will allow.

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