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Steepletown Training Services

There are many career training opportunities that exist in Kent County for young adults.  Steepletown will assist you in identifying the best path & resources to build a successful career.


This workforce development training focuses on 18-24 year-old with difficulties finding and keeping employment. We know everyone’s journey is unique, so JobStart helps identify the emotions, habits, attitudes, and behaviors that may be holding you back, then helps you take active steps toward bettering your future.


The Steepletown Workforce Development program takes pride in its holistic approach to assisting young adults in overcoming education and employment barriers so that youth can maximize their potential. The program has a variety of services and trainings to meet the specific needs of our young people


This apprenticeship model of training combines instruction-based learning with on-the-job training in the classroom. Apprentices will earn their Child Development Associates (CDA) credential either at GRCC or Vibrant Futures. The on-the-job training takes place at a child development center or preschool located in Grand Rapids for which an apprentice is paid.