Kitchen Sage

Kitchen Sage

Food brings people together

Steepletown is a firm believer in this wisdom, and offers KitchenSage for those interested in fueling their knowledge while feeding the people.

Through its culinary leadership academy, KitchenSage aims to introduce new and creative talent to the ever-growing world of the food service industry. Whether you’re an aspiring chef, dreaming of owning a restaurant, or just looking to get your foot in the hospitality door, KitchenSage has something for everyone hungry to learn.

Kitchen Sage 3 Month Class Outline

Karen Chaffee

Meet Chef Karen

Chef Karen

Chef Karen Chaffee has worked the bulk of her career in restaurants and fine dining, overseeing operations at Senior living communities, and also working as a personal Chef & consultant. 

In 2017, she earned the Culinary Educator of the Year Award for greater Grand Rapids. She currently serves on the Academic Advisory Board for the Culinary Institute of Michigan & formerly as the Diversity Chair for the American Culinary Federation. 

When Chef Karen isn’t in the kitchen she enjoys gardening, the outdoors & bee keeping.

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Under the guidance of Chef Karen Chaffee, you’ll be privy to 29 years of trade secrets and culinary experience. Over the course of this 3-month program, her skills and knowledge will guide aspiring culinarians to find the path best suited to their passions, interests, and talents. 

So come with an appetite – the kitchen is waiting!

Sign up for Kitchen Sage and learn a trade that will last a lifetime.

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