Kitchen Sage Awarded OJT Grant!

Kitchen Sage is pleased to announce the receipt of a grant from the Allan R. and Claudia
A. Carlson Fund to support the on-the-job training wages for 6 trainees this spring. As
restaurants and other food service establishments are fully reopening, the demand for
employees has ignited an interest in Kitchen Sage’s culinary training. Those in training will
receive instruction from Chef Karen Chaffee that will prepare them to take the ServSafe
Manager Certification exam, which is a Department of Labor recognized credential that will lead
to better employment opportunities in the food service industry. The training is largely hands-on
in Kitchen Sage’s commercial kitchen, preparing meals for hundreds of preschoolers on a daily
basis. For their efforts, trainees will receive $15/hour.

At the conclusion of the training, Chef Karen will assist the trainees in securing permanent
employment. The overall goal of Kitchen Sage is to further develop the skills and agency of
participants to more easily secure long-term employment that leads to economic security.
Those interested in applying for this training can complete the ON-LINE INTEREST FORM.

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Dick Bulkowski

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