2023 Steepletown Neighborhood Recognition Award Recipients

Chris Andrus and Max Trierweiler opened The Mitten Brewing Company in 2012.   Since the Mitten’s very beginning, Max and Chris have demonstrated a strong commitment to the well-being of those who live on the lower West Side of Grand Rapids and have made a significant contribution toward a quality of life that is marked by dignity and hope.   As Max shared in an interview:  “The giving program has been here since day one.  We always wanted it to be a part of what we do here (at the Mitten)…we feel like as responsible business owners, giving to the community, especially here on the West Side, is a necessary part of doing business.  Its not just something we want to do, its something we have to do.”

Four years after opening the Mitten, Chris and Max started the Mission Foundation to amplify their giving efforts.    The mission of the foundation focuses on “supporting our neighboring schools, amplifying the voices of our neighbors, and constantly seeking equity in our communities (which) are just a few of the ways we can be a positive force for our neighbors all year long.”

Chris added:  “The small business owner is the perfect individual to charter meaningful, effective giving programs (and be a catalyst for impactful change!) We have the mindset, the ability, and the relentless drive to overcome obstacles.”

Dana Mate has been the President of the Mitten Foundation since its inception in 2016.  She believes that the work of the foundation inspires others in the community to be involved.  Some past and recent examples of how they live out this vision and mission include: Purchasing school uniforms for the students at Harrison Park; Sponsoring the food truck from Feeding America which is basically a mobile food distribution effort that goes to one of four school parking lots on a monthly basis; Paying for the installation of barrier-free, accessible playground equipment at Richmond Park.  

We are honored to present to Chris and Max the Steepletown Neighborhood Recognition Award at this year’s Taste the West Side.  Sponsorship and tickets are still available at:  https://steepletown.org/news-events/taste-the-west-side/

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