Apprentice Spotlight: Chris
Chris can be seen here lesson planning for the week ahead of him

Chris has identified a strong and curious passion to engage with both young adults preparing for the workforce and little scholars attending preschool. While enrolled in the ECE Apprenticeship Program and teaching at the Early Learning Center, Chris is also a Supportive Supervisor at the Gerald R. Ford Job Corps Center. Chris has expressed the challenges that come with being a father, a husband, a direct care specialist, and a teacher. Despite the obstacles before him, he perseveres with wisdom, authenticity, a seasoned perspective, and patience. “MR. C”! is what Chris is identified as by his joyful and excited students. Steepletown recognizes Chris’s impact through this example of commitment, passion, and humble leadership. We celebrate your impact in more than just the classroom but the community at large!
We see you Mr. C!

Picture of Santiago Gayton

Santiago Gayton

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