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The Kent County Senior Millage (KCSM) has helped fund vital services for older adults in Kent County since 1999.  The goal of KCSM funding is to support older adults who want to continue to live in their homes and communities as they age.  Each year over 22,000 Kent County seniors are served though 51 different funded services.  These services not only give older adults the ability to remain independent, but they also come alongside to support the care that families and friends are providing to their loved ones. 

Steepletown has been providing Home Chore Services under KCSM funding since 2011.  The services that Steepletown provides are primarily lawn care and snow removal for Senior clients although other simple tasks around the home have also been done under these funds.   This work also doubles as job training for the young men in Steepletown’s JobStart Program, providing many of them their “first job” as they further develop their skills and abilities to become more fully employed.   These young men also have many barriers to employment that need to be addressed which is also the purpose of JobStart.  The KCSM funding therefore benefits our community in two very impactful ways!


Over 50% of KCSM funding goes toward priority services for the most vulnerable older adults to help maintain their care and independence in their own homes.  Priority services include adult day care centers, home-delivered meals, outreach and assistance, in-home care, and transportation.   Each year special attention is given to making sure the various services all come together in the most efficient way possible so that gaps in care are eliminated and older adults are given the resources they need to best thrive at home.


The millage vote will take place August 2, 2022, to continue the millage at its current level.  If approved, it will be for an eight-year cycle from 2023-2030.  This year’s vote is for a continuation of the current ½ mill rate, which is .05/1000 a dollar or $.0005 cents for every dollar of a property’s assessed value.   This costs the average Kent County homeowner less than $8.40/month based on the median Kent County property value of $201,500, paying $100.75/year to the KCSM fund.    

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