A Final Tribute

For over 60 years the building at 671 Davis Avenue NW housed some amazing work.  Over the past month this building has been torn down.   It was originally built in the mid-50’s to provide a home for the Sisters of Notre Dame who taught across the street.  Then in the early 90’s, after the building was dormant for a couple years, a new ministry serving God’s people found its home there.  It was an experience of church that many neighbors and those from the surrounding community experienced, where the sacrament of Christ’s presence was known every day:

  • Hundreds of young adults who struggled during high school were able to complete their high school equivalency degree, or GED, and get back on track in life.
  • Those needing assistance in paying their rent and/or utilities to avoid eviction or shut-offs also found caring mentors who journeyed with them while creating budgets and seeking other avenues towards a general sense of well-being.
  • The Steepletown PEACE Club operated here for nearly 20 years, teaching children and youth the ways of peace-making and community-building.
  • Over several years “Health Marriages, Healthy Relationships” (Matrimonios Saludables in Spanish) offered a series of workshops for couples to strengthen their commitment of love by training them in effective tools of communication.
  • The Dominican Sisters launched the WORD Project here, which provided after-school tutoring for children, and offered English as a Second Language classes for over 10 years. 
  • An educational program, Plaza Comunitaria, offered Spanish-speaking adults the opportunity to increase their academic skills and earn a high school diploma through a partnership with the Mexican Consulate; this empowered many to seek better employment.
  • For the last 10 years or so the “Healing Wing” on the 2nd floor housed therapists and others in the healing profession.

These are just a few of the many daily experiences where the community found a church emboldened by the Spirit to live out the teachings of Christ.  Today this building no longer exists; it has been torn down to add a few parking spaces.   To all of you who over the years supported the construction, upkeep, renovation and maintenance of that building-a heartfelt THANKS!  The lives impacted are not buried under 6 inches of asphalt.  They continue to live in a spirit of gratitude and hope that the foundation of Steepletown has encouraged.  

The 2021 Steepletown Annual Report has just been completed.  You can learn about the continued efforts of this “church at the crossroads” (as Pope Francis would suggest) by clicking this link:

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Dick Bulkowski

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