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A JobStart Participant’s Journey

Malachi is not unlike many of the other young men who participate in JobStart.  Malachi and his brother both started together at JobStart in 2018.  While his brother quickly earned the ServSafe Managerial Certificate at Kitchen Sage and was employed at Spectrum Health, Malachi ran into some housing and health challenges that sidelined him for a while.  He returned again in 2019 and then again last October.  This time around Malachi has stuck with his game plan and has daily attended JobStart, going out on a work crew to further develop his work readiness skills.

Malachi notes that JobStart has helped him to stay on track and out of trouble.  He appreciates the morning check-in which keeps him focused.  “It’s good to go over the seven A’s. (referring to the curriculum from the Center for Work Ethic Proficiency, Bring Your a Game to Work).  I like Attitude the most, because if I don’t feel like doing something, staying positive can change my outlook which has better results.”

JobStart has also provided Malachi a flexible schedule which has helped him work on other goals, like finding housing, attaining ID’s and getting his driver’s license.   He also has appreciated doing different types of jobs while working with JobStart, which have also confirmed his long-term goal of getting a job that is hands-on.

“The way Malachi sees himself, the community and employment has really changed,” notes Korey Anderson, JobStart Coordinator.    “When he came here his housing situation was not stable, and today he moves into his own place where he will be paying rent.  He also will likely be starting an unsubsidized job soon.  He is much more confident now than he was three years ago.”  Korey notes that what Malachi gets from JobStart is consistent, reliable support where he can ask any question and explore life’s issues.

Dick Bulkowski

Dick Bulkowski

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