Taste the West Side Recognizes EPS

The Steepletown Neighborhood Recognition Award is presented to a resident, community-based organization, or locally owned business/business owner that has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to the well-being of those who live on the lower West Side of Grand Rapids, and has made a significant impact on enhancing the quality of life that is marked by dignity and hope.  At this year’s Taste the West Side, Engineered Protection Systems, Inc. is the award recipient; you likely see their trucks out and about with the EPS logo. Truthfully, if not for the significant support from EPS over the past five years, Steepletown would not have been able to provide some of its unique, very important workforce development programs. The donation of vehicles, underwriting the Taste for 4 years, hosting a monthly employee breakfast at Kitchen Sage, and inviting Kitchen Sage to provide food for the company picnics, all clearly demonstrate their commitment to Steepletown’s mission and purpose here on the West Side! 

This picture shows the items to be delivered to three preschool sites using one of the transit vehicles donated by EPS.  Nearly 370 children are fed both breakfast and lunch on a daily basis and the transit vehicles donated by EPS makes this possible.   On behalf of all these children, thank you EPS!

Picture of Dick Bulkowski

Dick Bulkowski

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