Career Jumpstart Provided by the Medical Assistant Registered Apprenticeship Program (MARAP)

Melody’s dream career is being a Registered Nurse, Anesthetist, or a Surgeon. The MARAP is an innovative collaboration between West MI Works!, GRCC, local hospitals, and medical offices. Together, they have created a program for aspiring Medical Assistants by hiring them, and having them work three days a week and attend classes two days a week.

Melody recognized that this was her chance to get trained as a Medical Assistant, while at the same time working as a Medical Assistant! This was the motivation Melody needed to finish her GED.  With her newly found motivation, she completed all four tests in July 2019. She then worked hard to complete the MARAP application process before the August 30 deadline.

About the time Melody was participating in Steepletown’s October graduation ceremony, she was eagerly awaiting to see if any of the hospitals were going to hire her. Thinking positively, she and her Case Manager agreed that a Driver’s License would also be helpful. She took her drivers test and passed. Soon after, Melody got the news that Mercy Health was offering her a MARAP position, and if you have met her, you will know why.  Not only is Melody very smart, she has a wonderful, caring, and fun personality.

Because Melody was in Steepletown’s Workforce Development Program, all of the costs for GED testing were covered as well as the tuition and supplies needed for the apprenticeship:  a stethoscope, a watch with a second hand, scrubs, shoes, and a rolling book bag because her books weigh so much!

The MARAP started in January 2020 and Melody and her cohort will work and learn together until December 15, 2020.  At that time she will take her Certification exam and become fully employed! From the start of the apprenticeship, Melody has had full employment benefits: health insurance, paid time off, and retirement benefits. With a seamless transition from work/training into continued employment, Melody will have a year of experience and a year of seniority when she finishes her training.

Melody recognized and captured a great opportunity for her career!

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