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Many of our participants come to Steepletown with negative emotions directed towards Mathematics. With that in mind, here at Steepletown, we often approach math with the word “YET.” We may hear negative talk like, “I’m not good at math,” or “I don’t like math.” In those moments we encourage our participants to rephrase those statements, with “I’m not good at math, YET” or “I don’t like math YET.”

With the help of Ms. Mel and other volunteer tutors, our participants practice math skills. Ms. Mel maintains a love for math that she hopes will inspire participants to come in and seek practice as soon as something becomes confusing.

By increasing their attendance and frequency of studies, participants will have a heightened awareness of their skill gains, and have fewer distractions by any frustrating moments – it’s hard to stay upset when they’re recognizing their brilliance.

Picture of Melanie Grandy

Melanie Grandy

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