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Kitchen Sage Goes Virtual

How many pounds of pasta does an average Italian eat compared to the average American?  Chef Karen mixes up her culinary training class with fun

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Positive Cycles

In 2018, Maximiliano completed his GED with Steepletown and enrolled in a paid work experience/internship. After connecting with his Career Coach and evaluating career interests,

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The Meaning of Christmas

Sue Krestakos was one of Steepletown’s first mentors when Steepletown began pairing members of one of the three original Steepletown Parishes with neighborhood households facing

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Growing Our Own

Caleb participated in Steepletown’s Kitchen Sage training back in 2015. After the six week training, he was offered a paid externship at the Blue Dog

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Q&A with Johntae

What are your earliest memories of Steepletown? What was it that you came here for originally? My earliest memory of Steepletown was from when I

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From Training to Career

Michael Lovely learned to cook from an early age.  He was raised by a single mother who worked as an RN and so Michael, being

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