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In writing about the 25 years of Steepletown’s history, it was interesting to note that for the first half of Steepletown’s existence, we were focused almost exclusively on addressing the needs of those who live on the lower West Side.   Many efforts continue to serve those in this neighborhood, whether it be lawncare and snow removal for Seniors, the Steepletown Preschool, or assisting those who are looking for help to pay their rent or utilities. At the same time, the impact of Steepletown’s work with young adults who are struggling to become fully employed has expanded Steepletown’s reach.

This neighborhood is not unlike other urban neighborhoods and there is a lot of turn-over in who lives here.  For this reason and to honor our commitment to addressing the needs in this neighborhood, Steepletown decided to go knock on the doors of its neighbors once again.  However, with unfriendly weather this time of year, Steepletown opted to send out a mailer at the first of the year to every household within a ½ mile radius. This reached nearly 2,500 households whose occupants can more easily walk to Steepletown if that is their only mode of transportation.  The results are worth noting…

Over the weeks following the mailer the preschool received a plethora of phone calls and drop-ins regarding the various programs offered at the preschool. In years past, the enrollment for the 4 year-old (GSRP) classrooms has been difficult and 4 year-olds make up over half of Steepletown’s school population.   There has also been a lot of interest in Steepletown’s summer camp program. This program started in response to the need identified by our parents to find affordable child care in the summer, while also offering a rich learning environment.   While Steepletown has grown it is still very much committed to those who live in the surrounding neighborhoods.  

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