Feeding Hungry Minds

Volunteering can be as easy as saying, “sure, let me try it.”  Danny Eckert, who also goes by the name of “Squeeky Clean” (the name of his cleaning company) invited Steepletown to share a few words at his golf banquet last week Tuesday.  With a room full of older guys, most of whom are retired, the need for volunteer drivers to deliver preschool meals was presented to the group. Wanting to lead by example, Dan called a couple days later and rode shotgun today to learn the route.

“I’m already around the neighborhood and I have time, and knowing that it is a good cause, I thought, why not.   Helping out when I can is something I enjoy doing, and it gives you a chance to learn about some great work going on in our community.  My training this morning was super easy and I’m glad I can help.”

Steepletown’s Kitchen Sage Culinary Program provides classroom instruction and hands-on training for young adults wanting to gain employment in the food service industry.  On a daily basis nearly 400 preschoolers are fed through the efforts of the Kitchen Sage; this provides hands-on, purposeful training for the participants of Kitchen Sage. Two transit vehicles depart twice daily to deliver breakfast and lunch to seven sites, most of whom are part of the Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative.  To learn more about this volunteer opportunity, please go to Steepletown’s website….or if you know you want to volunteer, send an email to Steepletown’s Resource Development Coordinator, [email protected]

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Dick Bulkowski

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