GED Graduate Gains Employment at EPS

In one month’s time, Rylan earned his GED at Steepletown. This young man had been out of school for almost 3 years before coming to Steepletown, and shared that he had little interest in returning to a traditional academic environment to earn a secondary school credential. He explained that he had been working for this father’s window cleaning company, and although it was nice to work alongside family, his interests and passions weren’t being experienced while on the job. Rylan had always been mechanically inclined. In fact he actually rebuilt his Jeep from the ground up. 

So after determining a GED would help him get a better job, along with the encouragement from his friends and family, Rylan attended the weekly  Information Session at Steepletown and was quickly on his way to earning his GED.

Rylan met with his Career Coach on a weekly basis as he completed practice tests and practice assignments. Together, they reviewed an individualized service plan, and almost immediately began planning a post-secondary/employment goal. Rylan’s Career Coach stated that after hearing about Rylan’s interests, hobbies, and previous work experience, there was simply one thing that was standing in his way of pursuing these plans – belief in himself. Rylan presents himself with a heightened sense of humility. When discussing his electrical experience, it “wasn’t a big deal”. When explaining the times he had worked on his Jeep rebuild, “it was just for fun.” He came to recognize that his interests and hobbies are clearly transferable into the workplace, and aligned with his overall goal of becoming an electrician.

After scheduling his last GED test, Rylan was introduced to staff from EPS Security who have monthly breakfast over at Steepletown’s culinary training program, Kitchen Sage. Rylan was able to connect with the hiring manager about an interest in applying for a Low Voltage Technician position. The hiring manager referred him to a different position that was more fitting based on Rylan’s experience. Later that day Rylan submitted an application. Rylan completed his last test the following week, therefore earning his GED. The next day, he accepted an Installation Tech Apprenticeship position at EPS, where he will make significantly higher earnings than what he was previously making along with a health benefits package, retirement, and paid time off. 

Rylan is a brilliant young person – many of whom Steepletown’s Workforce Development team see every day. Rylan was able to pivot his focus and energy into an opportunity that could provide more, and Steepletown is grateful to be a place that can assist in that process. When asked where he hopes to be in 5 years, Rylan shared “I hope to be a top performing employee, earning the big dollars and on my way to buying a house.”

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