KitchenSage: Its Next Recipe (For Success)

Kitchen Sage relocated to Prep Space in late December, leaving the Basilica Center where Kitchen Sage operated for five years.  In 2016 Kitchen Sage officially became a workforce development training of Steepletown.    After looking at various options, there are several reasons why Prep Space was chosen as the location to operate Kitchen Sage, at least for the time being. 

The first reason is its location.  Prep Space is just inside the City of Wyoming, located at 1355 Judd Avenue SW.  It is only about ½ mile west of one of the preschool sites, the Early Learning Center, where Kitchen Sage delivers breakfast and lunch for 64 preschoolers every day.  It is also centrally located to the other five early childhood development centers to which Kitchen Sage delivers breakfast and lunch, including Steepletown’s Preschool.  In total, Kitchen Sage is feeding approximately 370 toddlers and preschoolers every day.

The second reason is that the management of Prep Space was very welcoming and accommodating.  Kitchen Sage needs a significant amount of space for storage, refrigeration, & equipment, and Prep Space made it work.   Another reason is that Kitchen Sage now operates in the midst of other like businesses.  At the 2019 Taste the West Side, Steepletown featured Daddy’s Dough in its video recognizing the Bridge Street Market.   Daddy’s Dough is truly a “Mom & Pop” baking business that operates out of Prep Space.  There are also food truck businesses that use that space as their home, and with many Kitchen Sage students expressing interest in one day owning a food truck, this is a great environment to learn about that business firsthand.

Kitchen Sage will continue as a culinary training focused on developing the basic skills and knowledge for those interested in working in the food service industry.   To learn about the success of a few of its graduates, follow these links:

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