Meet Our New Operations Director

My principles, beliefs and practices to create social change for all racial, ethnic, gender and economic groups were fashioned at an early age.  As I engage with my community, I believe that we all can learn and grow. Understanding that many do not have a voice for self-advocacy or self-efficacy; I discovered that disrupting unhealthy social narratives is critical to raising awareness of an agency’s mission and to creating equitable programming.  

Professionally, I have fifteen years of experience in human services with a focus on youth, adults and community development. The beginning ten years of human service experience dealt with leading and guiding programming and staff within organizations providing supports and services to individuals and their communities.  The remain 5 years are my experiences were a heavy focus on strategic planning and development of learner and service-driven programming which were designed to support staff and clients with goal attainment as well as resource allocation (financial capital and human captial).

As a parent of teenagers, I am usually working 24/7 trying to put out fires and prevent demolition from either my dog Titan or my sons.  When I am not spending time with my sons, I enjoy moon lighting as a vocal musician. During the summer as vocal musician and during the fall I utilize my classical training to sing with various professional and community ensembles as a guest musician or featured performer.

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Gwen Jordan

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