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Every Door Direct

In writing about the 25 years of Steepletown’s history, it was interesting to note that for the first half of Steepletown’s existence, we were focused

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… Yet

Many of our participants come to Steepletown with negative emotions directed towards Mathematics. With that in mind, here at Steepletown, we often approach math with

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A Catholic Thanksgiving

Central to our Christian faith is the celebration of Eucharist.  While definitely referring to the consecrated body and blood of Jesus, this word originates from

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Living the Dream

Ask Logan today how he is and he’ll answer: “livin the dream”. In February 2016 when he arrived at Steepletown, however; Logan wasn’t living the

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Feeding Hungry Minds

Volunteering can be as easy as saying, “sure, let me try it.”  Danny Eckert, who also goes by the name of “Squeeky Clean” (the name

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Katelyn Garvie

Katelyn Garvie began her journey with Steepletown in 2012, after moving to Grand Rapids and enrolling for GED preparation services. After recently dropping out of

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