The True Spirit of Christmas

The True Spirit of Christmas – It Is Better To Give Than Receive

Holy Spirit Catholic Church has done a phenomenal job targeting our preschool families’ needs and providing support at critical times. For Thanksgiving this year Holy Spirit Church provided EVERYONE of our 56 families with a food basket. In addition to the healthy foods they were also able to send 25 of our families home with a $25 gift card to Spartan Nash Food Stores to cover the expense of anything they were unable to offer. Over this Holiday season they provided EVERYONE of our families with a pillow and blanket, as well as an abundance toiletries and household items.

The physical donations would be enough to have us jump for joy, but the icing on the cake has to be the donation of their time. The eighth grade team takes time out of their busy schedule to visit us at least twice a year. During their visits the students demonstrate respectful attitudes while engaging in classroom activities, working on the preschoolers’ level and making them feel special. The preschoolers don’t remember their names but they remember their presence. In the weeks/months after their visit I get asked constantly “When are the big kids coming back?” Our children at the preschool gain precious one on one time with their mentors and build social-emotional skills. Holy Spirit has even expanded on this relationship in recent years by inviting us to their school as well. This past year we participated in a field day on their playground, and we look forward to going sledding down their hill in the coming winter months.

The unconditional support we receive from Holy Spirit is a big part as to why the Steepletown Preschool is as great as it is. With their aide we are able to enhance our dual level approach to helping parents and children in our community. It is an honor to call Holy Spirit Church a partner in this work of Steepletown.  I am excited to see what the coming years bring.

Thank you, Holy Spirit.

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