When “small change” makes a huge difference!

Ever have a coin jar where you throw the loose change from pants pockets, purses, and your vehicle’s console? I have. I am always amazed when I start to roll the coins as to how much money I have managed to save without even really trying.

Steepletown had that opportunity during the month of November partnering with the three Greater Grand Rapids Rylee ACE Hardware Stores utilizing their annual Round Up program. Customers were asked when they made their purchases if they would like to “round up for Steepletown”. Lori Terpstra, president of the stores, explained that the average round up transaction was $.48.   And when she handed me a round up check for $5541.86 – that correlates to least 11,000 people hearing about and donating to Steepletown this November. Fantastic!!!!

A heartfelt thank you to Lori Terpstra and her teams at the three Ace Hardware Stores, as well as all our Steepletown supporters and friends in the community!  To learn more about Steepletown and how these funds will be used to support our community, please go to Steepletown.org.

Picture of Jeremiah Bulkowski

Jeremiah Bulkowski

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